Connecting to Twitter with OAuth 2.0 and PKCE

Dear Community,

I’m trying to connect my flow in Make to my Twitter app and struggle with the HTTP OAuth 2.0 module.

All my URLs and Client ID/Secret work fine → successfully works with postman. The problem is when the browser window pop ups where I have to enter my Twitter credentials. The following error gets displayed:

The only difference between Postman and my Make request is that I use “Authorization Code with PKCE” in Postman, and I don’t see this option in Make. According to Twitter docs, PKCE is required.

Does anyone have an idea how to get this to work?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to authenticate to Twitter API v2 via the HTTP 2.0 app due to technical constraints during the authentication from Twitter.


I actually managed to make it work by decomposing the OAuth flow into separate HTTP requests. It works for all the Twitter v2 API endpoints that require OAuth 2 with PKCE. Important is when generating the access token to include offline scope.


Thanks for sharing this.

This is great news. :slight_smile: