Connection ChatGpt to Elementor


I hope you are well!
I wanted to know if you had some troubles connecting ChatGpt to Elementor with Make?

Goal : automatise the transfer of content between chatGpt and Elementor in order to avoid the copy_pasting tasks.
I use ChatGpt only to define some words that could be complicated to understand for the readers of my blog.

Has anyone tried and managed to connect those tools?

I would be glad to hear about your solutions :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Julien23

I believe you will need to add the content generated from ChatGPT to Wordpress directly (not via Elementor)
As a first step you would need to use Make’s “OpenAI” module, to retrieve content from ChatGPT

After which as a second step you will need to use “Create a Post” of Make’s “Wordpress” module to create the post.

Hope this helps!

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