Connection time-out between and Google Cloud Console

Hi there, can’t seem to solve this issue below. Would appreciate any insight or guidance.

My connection between and Google Cloud Console seems to expire and/or require frequent manual re-verification. I am using this connection to run API requests to Google Search Console through the HTTP module in Make.

Started with documentation like this: and then forums of similar issues, like this: HTTP OAuth2 Module - How to get Refresh Token for Google APIs. I tried many variations in my Google Cloud Console, such as having the app be internal, external, testing, adjusting scopes, etc.

I then went through Make support, who said:

Custom connection issues are not so possible to troubleshoot on our end because the host service - Google, in this case, is responsible for granting access and refresh tokens when you create or reauthorize the connection, and Make is only a ‘middleman’

However, you may want to check that you do not have multiple apps(connections) that have different sets of scopes approved for each custom client, in the same Gmail account. This is one of the reasons that could cause refresh tokens to be revoked quicker than usual.

You can reach out to Google Support for more clarity.

I then deleted old items from Cloud Console and cleaned up my Make connections, but no luck.

More screenshots:

Google Cloud Console Credentials:

Sample HTTP Module Request in Make:

Authentication Error in Make:

Thank you,