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Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem with the “Contact Form 7 Redirections Integrations and Database” plugin, which allows me to send Contact Form 7 form information to
When I activate the link between the form and, the submission of the forms is not done anymore and I get an error message.

I have tried on several forms and always the same. I tried to clear the cache, but same result.
Would you have an idea?

Wordpress version : 6.0.2
Plugins :

Thank you for your help !

What is the scenario you are calling? Some screenshots of your modules and input and output bundles would be helpful.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your answer.
Here is an exemple with a simple scenario.
Make :

Wordpress :

It’s possible Make is blocking your webhook. The hosting provider for your WordPress site is where?

It’s a complete mystery, but today the problem is gone and the integration is working perfectly !
Thank you for your time @alex.newpath !

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Could have been the DDOS attack.