Output problem with WordPress

Hello, I have an output problem with WordPress. I want to create a category from a Google Sheet. The connection between the sheet and ‘make’ is working, as well as the connection between my WordPress and ‘make.’ However, when I run the scenario, the input data is correctly taken into account, but I have nothing in the Output, and nothing gets created on the site. Do you have any idea where the problem might be coming from?

Can you show the scenario, plus the parameters that you’ve applied to the WordPress module you’re using?


Hello David,

Yes, I can show it, but this is a problem I have with all my scenarios at the moment, and I can’t figure out where this blockage is coming from. In this scenario, I simply made sure to retrieve a row with the data “category” and create a category using the “WordPress create category” module. During the run, the data is found correctly, but it is not being sent. A similar topic mentioned a redirection issue due to “WWW” during the connection between WordPress and Make, but it doesn’t seem to change anything here.

As for the application, I tried modifying “Logging enabled” several times, and I left the parameters checked. On the server side, we can see that Make successfully reaches the site in the access logs, and there are no 400 or 500 errors

That tells me that Make is able to communicate with the Make plugin just fine, but something is stopping your WordPress server from executing the instructions.

Step 1 is to disable all WordPress plugins except for the Make plugin. If that solves it, turn them back on one by one until you find the culprit.

If that’s not it, it could be an issue with modsecurity rules in your WordPress server configuration. Check the WordPress server’s log file (not the Make plugin logs) to see if any modsecurity rules are being triggered.


I am happy to have found the solution to the problem. The issue was that the REST API couldn’t communicate with my site, even though it was connected. To resolve this, I had to identify the cause of the problem, and it turns out that the REST API is not installed by default on WordPress. To enable it, I had to change the URL rewrite rules and choose anything other than the ‘Plain’ option, which is the default installation setting in WordPress. To do this, I went to Settings > Permalinks > Permalink Structure and made the necessary modifications.


Hey there @Vic :wave:

just wanted to step in and congratulate you on figuring this one out with @DavidGurr_Make’s help. I’m thrilled to see Makers learning how to work with our product and improving their scenarios.

FYI I marked your suggestion as a solution to keep our community tidy and neat. This way other users can find it while having a similar issues. :seedling:

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