Hi there,
Implementing a scenario in make for
When changing a status on one board, this triggers an automation to create a new item on another board in a specific group. I have managed that element but what I am trying to do is also take across the conversations in the conversation bubble (updates). I can get the conversations to move across to the item on the new board however I but would also like to move any links or attachments and ideally who left the comment.

So far my scenario looks like this:

Text Aggregator settings:

The result in
Screenshot 2024-02-14 131954

I would appreciate input. A real newbie at make - so may also be a better way of doing this.

Hi @Kim3014, I personally think use “Duplicate an item” module, then move it to another board in a specific group may be easier than create all the updates and files from scratch.

If you still prefer to create them from scratch, you can use “Download a file” and “Add a File to an Update”. All files will be added in separate updates.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: