Convert file to base64 - Noob question!

Hi there!

First time using Make and first post - apologies for the basic question but I would greatly appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction!

I want to create a scenario which:

  1. Watches a Google Drive folder for new files
  2. Converts any new file to base64
  3. Calls a SOAP API to upload the file to an external SaaS application with the base64 string in the body of the SOAP request.

I think I can do steps 1 and 3 OK, but I’m having some difficulty with step 2. Any ideas on how to do the conversion and pass the data to the next step in the workflow?

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Hi @dgee9663

Check this function:



Hi, thanks for your reply.

From my (limited) understanding of the documentation, this is to convert text to base64, right? How can I use this to convert a file from Google Drive to base64?

If you have a chance, could you possibly explain it in more detail - I’m a complete beginner and need a step-by-step to get started…


I am not a Google Drive expert and I guess, it depends on the file extension what data you will receive from the watch files module. But maybe try around a bit in combination with the toBinary and/or toString function.


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Is there anyone out there who has some time to discover if/how this can be done and provide step-by-step instructions for a newbie?

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Hi @dgee9663,

You can do something like this,

a) After Watch Files Module, Put a Download a File Module
b) Create a base64 file from the data received in Download Module

data:{{1.mimeType}};base64, {{base64(}}



I too am new to Make and I am strugglng to get this to work. It seems like my workflow isn’t bringing in any Data even though I have successfully dowloaded a file with the HTTP step first. I can see the data is there but it doesn’t get passed on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.