Convert International Phone number

How is possible to change a phone number from this format +84972888436 to this one 0972888436 ?

I tried using functions Replace. The result is +0972888436
I want to remove +

Hi @lehieu76
You can use the phone number module as shown here:

And the out put will look like this:

Now, you can map the number from the output.

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Hi @Msquare_Automation,
Thanks for your support.

Is there a way to use the Replace function or the Substring function or something to replace?

Because if you need to follow one more step, it can affect processing speed and increase the number of Ops used.

This is only possible when the country code is known in advance.

This is because you don’t know whether the country code is one, two, or three digits.

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That’s right. I already knew the country code was +84 because I only work in 1 country.
Please help me how to use the function.

I tried using functions Replace.
The orginal phone is +84972888436
The result is +0972888436
I want to the result is 0972888436

I do this all the time. Use substring like: {{substring(4.To; 2; )}} that removes the +1 here in the USA so just make that a 3 for you and it should work.

{{ replace("+84972888436"; "+84"; "0") }}