Converting a received UTC time to a timezone


We have a Scenario that receives a time that is coming as UTC. We use that data to send an email to let some users know that there is a new meeting. However, the time is in UTC and I need to convert it to a timezone.
FormatDate does not do the job because our Make Timezone is set to Jerusalem/Asia, so if I try to convert the date I received to Jerusalem/Asia, it is basically the same time. I need something that I can say convert this data from UTC to Asia/Jerusalem.

Any ideas?

Further info:
The date is coming from triggered by a webhook when the date changes in Monday.
I guess that if I change region to have my account as UTC then formatDate would do the job, but that will screw up all other timestamps…

Hi Vizo,

as far as I know there is no convertion of the time zone. In one of my scenarios I had a simliar issue.

So i added the need hours to the timestamp with addHours function.


Thanks guuyef
This is exactly how we solved a previous issue. The problem is of course daylight savings… I am trying to avoid having to update the added hours with each DST change.
I am looking for something like this if Make/Monday cannot provide a solution:


I just solved it using this:

You add a HTTPS module doing a POST with the application/jason using the date and time, original tz (UTC) and the destination tz (Asia/Jerusalem). Then the results need to be formated back, but it worked.


Hello @VIZO-O and welcome to the community :wave:,

Just wanted to jump in and congratulate you on solving this one with @guuyef’s help. I’m glad to see that you got the ball rolling. :+1:

Thank you very much for getting back to us and sharing your solution with us. We honestly appreciate that you kept us in mind and marked the problem as solved so other users can easily find it while having similar issues. :blush:

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