How do I convert a timezone FROM a time to another time?

I’ve been using Zapier forever and have been slowly migrating all of my Zaps to Make. However, there’s one Zap that seems to have a feature Make does not.

In Zapier, I can do a format of the Date/Time and define the FROM time, as well as the TO time. Since I schedule events across different states, I want them to all show up in my calendar using MY time zone as the start/end times so I can see when they are happening live.

However, in Make, it appears any attempts to modify the date/time using Timezones, always uses MY time zone as the “FROM” time.

Is there any way to natively convert a time Zone in Make so I can say Time A is America/New_York and Time B should be America/Phoenix?

If anyone knows a way to do this natively, feel free to respond. Otherwise, I found a way to do it using this post: Converting a received UTC time to a timezone - #4 by VIZO-O

Hi @mgbernier

Managing user time zones is achievable. Please refer to the following link for more information on meeting your specific needs.

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I think you are missing the link.

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Hi @mgbernier

Apologies for this and thank you @samliew for bringing it to my attention…

Here is the link.

This tells me how to change my time zone, but the data flowing in can come from any time zone. Thus when I parse it I’d like to be able to define which timezone the “FROM/SOURCE” data is. I’ve managed to do this with that open API I posted, but would love for Make to inherently have this built in.

Hey, Its easy. Just add/remove the time difference. In this example I just added 5 hours to my time to get a timezone 5 hours ahead of me.


Clearly you didn’t read my post. I need to read a timezone w/wout DLS and convert it to my timezone. Not manually calculate.

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