Converting / Parsing Text / Date in Format DD-MMM-YYYY

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I’m getting a Date value from a Google sheet and eventually trying to push into a Monday board.

The date is coming (probably) as text in a DD-MMM-YYYY Format e.g. 16-Nov-2023 and I believe Monday needs YYYY/MM/DD or something similar (I used DD-MM-YYYY in the screenshot below).

The problem is that the formatDate Function doesn’t recognized it as a date so i’m getting an Error

Any clues on how to format DD-MMM-YYYY text into a date?

Many thanks ! :disguised_face:

You need to use parseDate first with the current date format, then formatDate into the date format you want.

formatDate( parseDate(date_string; current_format); new_format )

See: Date Format Tokens



The Date format is YYYY-MM-DD

Hope this helps


Wow Sam, amazing as always, it worked !

ParseDate to let Make know what is the format, then formatDate to convert to another date format.

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