Correct body settings for custom app (upload file)


I’m trying to upload a file against the Business Central API.
When using the HTTP module it works fine, everything is okay with the file.

How do I have to set up the code within a custom app?`
Can someone help me “transfering” the correct settings from the HTTP module into JSON Code?

This works:

This is what I actually have and it doesnt work:

Thanks guys!

Hi Fabian,

Yes, my team can help you in this.

Hello there @Shuriken :wave:

Just checking to be sure: Are you looking to hire somebody to help with this or are you looking for pointers from the community first?

I’m only asking to see whether I should move your topic to #solution-exchange which is a designated space for looking for paid services :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the info :

Hi Michaela,

I am definitely looking for support through the community!
If I need professional and paid help, I already have my contacts.

much greetings

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