Counting bundle number witth filtering

Hi Makers.

Since I use make deeper, more question I have.
So what I want to do is like that.

  1. Get bundle
  2. Check bundles
  3. Filtering specific collection’s value
  4. Counting total bundles of number by filter

For example, I attached bundle example structure here

What I want to do is counting total numbers of bundle,
But want to except specific bundle (In this screenshot want to count only bundle that ‘isNoseater : false’)

I have already used iterator, but it can count only total number of bundles.

Would you please help me?

You will need to do multiple steps for this.

  1. Use a filter that eliminates them out and count then use an array aggregator to count. The result will be :


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Hey @Yong_Yun,

You could use an array aggregator, and set up your filter before it. Then, you can use the length() function and select the array from the aggregator (see screenshot) to get the amount of items that passed the filter.

CleanShot 2022-08-08 at 11.29.37

Hope this was helpful!

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