Create a bundle with 3 variables


I get 3 variables in a google sheet.
And I would like to verify that these 3 variables exist in Wordpress.

For that, I want to use an iterator. However, I don’t see how to transform the 3 variables into 3 bundles.

I’ve tried to do it in JSON, but that doesn’t work, because it outputs key-values, so I can’t use an iterator afterwards,

I don’t know which way to go at all ^^


Every result (item/record) from a search module will output a bundle. To “combine” them into a single structure, you’ll need to use an aggregator of some sort.

Aggregators are modules that accumulate multiple bundles into one single bundle. An example of a commonly-used aggregator module is the Array aggregator module.

I see you have tried a JSON aggregator and Table aggregator, but could you try replacing these two with just a normal Array aggregator module?

If you need further assistance, could you please provide the following:

1. Scenario blueprint

Please export the scenario blueprint file to allow others to view the mappings and settings. At the bottom of the scenario editor, you can click on the three dots to find the Export Blueprint menu item.

(Note: Exporting your scenario will not include private information or keys to your connections)

Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

2. And most importantly, Output bundles

Please provide the output bundles of the modules by running the scenario, then click the white speech bubble on the top-right of each module, save the bundle contents in your text editor as a bundle.json file, and upload it here into this discussion thread.

Providing the output bundles will allow others to replicate what is going on in the scenario even if they do not use the external service.

Following these steps will allow others to assist you here. Thanks!


I’d like to convert each item in the array into a bundle, so that I can search on the name of the element,

But right now, I’ve got element 1, element 2, element 3, so it’s not dynamic. If I wanted to add 3 more tags, I’d have to add them by hand. I’m sure there’s another way to do it.

Output Google Sheet :

        "0": "France - Argentine",
        "1": "",
        "2": "France",
        "3": "Argentine",
        "4": "Euro",
        "__ROW_NUMBER__": 2,
        "__SPREADSHEET_ID__": "1sC82l9k-uHUs1vToDCMzCvldWeJAahDuNJ9_2sKEIVo",
        "__SHEET__": "recap",
        "__IMTLENGTH__": 1,
        "__IMTINDEX__": 1

I’d like to search the Wordpress tags for the columns “Euro, France, Argentine”.

I found a solution :

Concat with variable, and Regex to output in Bundle !

But it’s not the best solution ?