Create a dynamic wordpress-page via scenario?

we’re pulling personalised data via API from our CRM software and would like to visualize this data for each customer on a dedicated wordpress-(sub-)page that gets dynamically created for this customer only. Only the customer receives the URL to this wordpress page. How can we create such a personal wordpress-(sub-)page using a make scenario?
Thank you.

Hey @Georg , very specific question and I think this completely relies on the type of website you have + the theme/plugins etc. you are using.
But what about;

  • You create a certain page layout for blog posts which looks how you want it
  • Via the wordpress API in Make you can create new blog posts
  • Every blog post has it’s own link, so you can share that with the person.

Maybe that gives you an idea to get started :wink:

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Hello @Bjorn.drivn,
thank you for your quick reply.
Yes, this sounds like a way forward.
Is there a way I can visualize data on this page as well, using a make module (e.g. for creating dashboards)…? Or perhaps google sheets and embed this automatically in the page created (although I didn’t find the option to ‘embed url’ in the google-sheets module.

Not sure @Georg , that would be something you would setup in your wordpress site. Maybe you can do something with the /embed block

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Cool thank you, I’ll give it a try!..just to make sure, did you find this within the wordpress-module? it’s not there on my end: