Create a PDF from a Base64 in pdfmonkey

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Hello Again,
I am trying to convert pdf data that I received base64 as follows

pdf long

and I need to convert it to pdf again. I am using the pdfmonkey module to generate a document as follows, but it generates an empty pdf,

any idea how to fix it?
thank you very much,
Best regard,

I’m not sure about PDFMonkey, but I tried the service and from my perspective the idea is for example, to create a new PDF Document from a template you have written using HTML in the PDFMonkey App for example.

So, I made a template called Test and this template allows me to make an API request to generate the document passing just the parameters:

  "client_name": "Super Client",
  "company_name": "AwesomeCorp",
  "copies": "3 (three)"

And none Metadata for my test.

In a scenario will be:

I don’t understand the idea

and I need to convert it to pdf again. I am using the pdfmoney…

Because you are passing the PDF Data you receive in base64 to PDFMonkey generates what? The same file?

So, about your specific question about

convert pdf data that was received as base64

You may want to try one or both things below:

  1. function toBinary() {{toBinary(32.pdf; "base64")}}

  2. app Archive - module Inflate for decompressing the data

Other things you may want to try:

Others options may also work as:


Thank you @AndyDaSilva52 for your detailed reply. I have found a solution,