Create outlook event with multiple attendees

Hi all

I’m trying to create an automation where a clickup task triggers the creation of an outlook event with multiple attendees. The create outlook event tool seems to only allow for a single attendee, and when I tried using an iterator to update the event and add attendees one at a time, it would delete the existing attendee and add the new one (which makes sense but I was trying anything at that point lol).

I’m a little confused as to how I can pass through an array of users to the outlook tool properly so any help would be massively appreciated!

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Hi @shanedolley,

No, you can have multiple attendees at a time as shown in the screenshot. You can add multiple items under the attendees’ field by clicking Add item. But, Since you want it to be dynamic based on the Clickup Result, what you can do is,

  • Add an Iterator before the Create an Event Module
  • Iterate Over ClickUp Custom Fields Attendees
  • After that Use Flow > Array Aggregator, in here set the source as previous iterator and Target Structure Type to MS 365 Calendar, Attendees