Create Shopify order from a google sheet

I have tons of products and variants in my Shopify store. Shopify interface to create new orders or draft orders is not very fast-friendly; it is very slow to select products, variants, adjust quantities, etc.

I would like to fill up a Google Sheets “template” document with all the products I need (I have that already), variants and quantities to create a draft order on Shopify.

I NEED a button on that template so that when the template is filled up and ready I press the button and the draft order is created.

Yes, it is possible to make a button in Google Sheets to trigger a workflow, by using Google Apps Script.

I have a similar project set up with an image button

You can edit the script here

Then assign the function to the button here

The documentation for writing the script:

You can use the script to make a call to the Make webhook with the data from your sheet. For more information, refer to the other post you created where @Rafael_Sanchez gave you a starter script.