Create woocommerce variation for product

im trying to create a new woocmmerce product with variation. i used create a product module in make to create the variable product and assign the attribute to the product

the product is created in woocomerce with attributes

but the variation section is empty:

how can i add the variations from the attributes i created??

HI! do you get solution?

Hi, i found some solution.
you should use a second module. “create a product variation”
the module “create product” just crea atributes, the second module crea the variations.


hi thanks for answer its still not work for me.
i have 2 attributes for example: color and size
what do you choose in the iterator module?


you shoud have an array with the variants previously, insert in the iterator this array and then one by one insert in the module “create a product variation”, like this.