Createing Image Post on Reddit

I want to create an Image Post on Reddit. I am using The Http Get file module
Don’t know how to upload the image to Reddit. Each time I get an invalid link etc.
Which parameter I should use in Reddit module?

For Reddit image posts, you first need to upload the image to a public file sharing service first like Imgur, Google Drive, etc.

Then insert the public link into that field.


Hello, thank you for the reply.

I would appreciate a more concise explanation of the setup. As previously mentioned, I have attempted using Imgur and several other image hosting platforms, as well as Google Cloud and Google Drive, as per your suggestion. Unfortunately, I continue to encounter an issue with the error message: [[“BAD_IMAGE”,“Invalid image URL.”,“url”]].

If you have successfully implemented the setup you recommended, could you kindly provide a detailed, step-by-step guide? This information would be incredibly helpful.

I have attached links to the images for your reference:

image link1: 29.jpg - Google Drive
image link2:

Thank you for your help

What you mean by “In that field” ? Thank you!