Creating a Collection and Adding It to an Existing Array

How can I add a collection to an array?

I have a variable named “product_availability_all_sites” which is an empty array. Using an iterator, I want to loop through and add new array elements (collections) that looks like the following structure:

    "site": "main",
    "stockLevel": 23

After all the iterations, the goal is for the “product_availability_all_sites” array to look like:

  { "site": "main", "stockLevel": 23 },
  { "site": "US", "stockLevel": 12 },
  { "site": "DE", "stockLevel": 43 }

However, with my current approach, I always get the error:

“Failed to map ‘value’: Function ‘add’ finished with error! Function ‘toArray’ finished with error! ‘{“site”:“main”,“stockLevel”:23}’ is not a valid collection.”

Thank you for your help.

You are using a comma instead of a semicolon.

{{ add( array ; item ) }}