Creating a shopify order from a checkout URL

My goal is to create product orders on Shopify using only a checkout URL from our company website.

I know it can be done since has this function where an influencer will add all the items they want to their basket on our website and then this checkout URL pulls in the product data from shopify and in turn creates a draft order for me to approve and set as fulfilled.

I’ve not set anything up yet, using ‘create an order function’ on shopify wants me to add line items by product ID’s. Does anyone know which action it is which would support a ‘checkout URL’ to capture a range of specific products and calibrate this draft order?

@Maya_Fitzherbert Use “search for products” module to identify product id and then use that Information to create order.

Do you have product Information right???


Thanks for your reply! On product search for a sopify module there is nowhere to enter an URL, only single products ID’s…