Creating an image url from BINARY output


I have successfully connected with Stability AI (Stable Difusion) and the answer I got is written in Binary.

I have tried looking all over the internet including asking AIs on how to get a url for an image which I got in binary. or any other way to view the image (png)

I found an answer that it is possible by uploading a file to a Google drive. However my google drive (gmail) is not compatible with which means that I have to look for another solution to this problem.

I remember that some time ago I saw a video in which someone made it inside of make. He might have used a webhook or http module. But I am not sure which module he used.


I saw you as the best and most common respondent for this type of problems. Would love to hear from you :slight_smile:

Hello @Richard_Vavrena and welcome to the Make Community!

You will need to upload the picture somewhere to be hosted, then you can get the URL for it.

Also, personal Google accounts are compatible with Make and you should be able to do this with Google Drive. There are extra steps to follow when setting up Google services.

Edit: If you do use Google Drive, the file or folder needs to be made public.


Thank you, it helped.

For anyone who might be having the same problem in the future:

We solved it by connecting to personal Google Drive account. Since make does not collaborate with personal accounts directly, you have to connect them manually.

You can find the whole process on the following link (took me 20 min to setup):

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