Creating Bundles from a Group of Collections

So we’re creating a custom report from a system called Humanity. We’ve got the report parameters setup so the output includes the data points we want. But, for whatever reason, it’s listed as a group of collections and not as an array so we can’t use the Iterator to break it into bundles. Any ideas how we reformat this JSON into an Array. Ideally it would be dynamic based on list length as each report will have a different number of objects.

have you tried something like this.

If that doesnt work
can you give me a sample (with anonymized data) json structure.
Download output bundles.
you only need to include 2 objects at each depth level.

Okay that was part of the solution! I’ve added an anonymized output bundle here, which for whatever reason just shows up at “Value” when I try to move on in the process, without exposing any of the data.

“employee”: “Name”,
“start_time”: “00:00”,
“end_time”: “00:00”,
“start_day”: “Month Date, Year”,
“end_day”: “Month Date, Year”,
“total_time”: Hours,
“overtime”: Hours,
“schedule_name”: “Schedule Name”,
“location”: “Location Name”,
“schedule_id”: “Schedule ID”,
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 8.06.28 PM

A higher level view of what it looks like now. Thanks for your help!!

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