Creating http request with json collection as content type

Hello, I have one endpoint that returns to me an array of json objects.
Is there a possibility that I parse that json dynamically so I can feed into this api?
The content type should be “application/vnd.akeneo.collection+json”
and the format in body should be compressed like this:

{"uuid":"fc24e6c3-933c-4a93-8a81-e5c703d134d5","values":{"description":[{"scope":"ecommerce","locale":"en_US","data":"My amazing cap"}]}}
    {"uuid":"573dd613-0c7f-4143-83d5-63cc5e535966","values":{"sku":[{"data":"updated_sku","locale":null,"scope":null}]}, "group":["promotion"]}

I tried to hardcode that json and it works fine, but the issue here is that I have to loop over an array of object, transform each object (map it) and output it like this.
When I use regular json the issue is that it will be comma separated.

Thanks, and LKMK if you need more info

If you are getting these data via the HTTP module then mark “Yes” in the “Parse response” field in the HTTP module. Then you will get the data in the output as a collection, not as a JSON text.
To use the “content-type” “application/vnd.akeneo.collection+json” you should use the “custom” type and fill up the “value” field.