Creating http request with json collection as content type

Hello, I have one endpoint that returns to me an array of json objects.
Is there a possibility that I parse that json dynamically so I can feed into this api?
The content type should be “application/vnd.akeneo.collection+json”
and the format in body should be compressed like this:

{"uuid":"fc24e6c3-933c-4a93-8a81-e5c703d134d5","values":{"description":[{"scope":"ecommerce","locale":"en_US","data":"My amazing cap"}]}}
    {"uuid":"573dd613-0c7f-4143-83d5-63cc5e535966","values":{"sku":[{"data":"updated_sku","locale":null,"scope":null}]}, "group":["promotion"]}

I tried to hardcode that json and it works fine, but the issue here is that I have to loop over an array of object, transform each object (map it) and output it like this.
When I use regular json the issue is that it will be comma separated.

Thanks, and LKMK if you need more info