Creating Scenario to Do Different Things Depending on Product Purchased in Shopify

We’ll start with I am new to Make and am not a developer.

I am trying to create a scenario that watches for new orders in Shopify. A new order can have from one to many products. For some of those product purchases, I need to add the purchaser to a particular online course in MemberVault.

My scenario works correctly when only one product is purchased. The problem is when more than one is purchased.

I created an Iterator in the Scenario that I thought would break the one purchase up into multiple bundles, each being one product. However, in using it on test data that has two products being purchased, only one bundle is coming out of the Iterator.

What should I be looking at to troubleshoot?

The data coming from Shopify has two Product IDs:

My Iterator is based on the Product ID:

And yet you can see, only one bundle is being produced.

Additionally, I can find ZERO documentation on the Router – does it look like I’m using it correctly to provide a different outcome for each Product ID?

No, my issue is not resolved. I just need a little guidance as to what is probably going wrong.

Hi, and welcome to the community!

Do you see in your second screenshot (the Shopify output), where it says (-)2 (Collection)

Can you minimize that one, and the one before that and take a screenshot of that output please?

I suspect you have the wrong value in your iterator, but will know for sure once you have that image up

Router setup looks correct (i.e setting up filters for each route)

Thank you! And I really appreciate your time and knowledge. Here you go!

Whoops, I need a screenshot of the Shopify module output. Not the iterator

I had to do it in several screen shots to get all of it!

Thank you,

Can you check the settings on your Shopify module

Set the limit to something high (Limit just means the number of orders it will handle at any one time)

And then for your iterator, clear the values you have, and just choose Line Items, should look like this


See if that fixes it

I’ll bet it was the limit! It was set at one.

Making another test purchase and will see what happens, just a sec.

It’s still only creating one.

How many line items does the order have?


Just checking in these filters you have mapped the Iterator values


I’ve got a feeling you might be using Shopify values to filter

Well, I got it to fail in a different way!

I used the Line Item Product ID in the iterator like so –

Which got me the output I expected:

But now I don’t get what is happening in the router and what is happening in the filters – it got 2 “hits” on the top branch, and none on the second.

Here’s the top and bottom filters:

Okay, figured it out. Have to have those 1, 2, 3’s in the filters on the branches coming off the router.

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!

You’re close, but that setup will only work if your sale only ever has someone buy 1-2 items. If someone buys more it will not work.

The correct setup is to put your iterator like below

And then fix up your filters accordingly (what you had setup was slightly incorrect)

Note the value you are mapping into your filter is from the Iterator output not the Shopify output

@Jouher_Automator Just like I mentioned here, please only post info related to your paid services in the Marketplace category. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sure. That was my mistake and I have deleted it

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Thanks! However, I’m not getting the same output as you. Here’s my Iterator:

But then here are my choices for Iterator output for mapping in my filter:

UPDATE: Found the problem!!

I didn’t have “map” turned on in the Iterator step.

Thanks so much!

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