cURL Error (60) Peer's Certificate Issuer is not Recognized - Error

Dear Community,

I am reaching out to report an issue that I am facing while accessing the Make API. Whenever I try to access the API, I am greeted with the error message, “cURL Error (60) Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized.”

I suspect that this error is due to SSL certificate verification. I am interested in knowing if any of you have encountered the same problem and how you managed to resolve it.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am eagerly awaiting your prompt response.

Kind Regards

Hi @Yogesh_Kumar_Sahu,

Generally, URL Error (60) Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized denotes that the one triggering the API doesn’t have the CA certificate installed on their end when invoking an SSL request. Generally, this happens with Self Issued SSL certs and the standard/universally recognized CA provider should by default be present for eg, In the case of JAVA, it is bundled as part of the JVM truststore.

I have few questions which will help me debug the issue that you are facing,

  1. By MAKE API you mean the Make Official API, right?
  2. Are you trying this through raw cURL request or is it through PHP(I assumed this based on the response)

What you can do is download the SSL certificate of Make API, ideally through a browser or OpenSSL and see if you can install it on your server/device as per your settings and see if fixes the issue for you.

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Dear @Runcorn,

Thank you for your response regarding the URL Error (60) Peer’s Certificate issuer not recognized issue that we are facing. Apologies for the delayed response.

To answer your questions, yes we are using the official Make API and we are making the request through a cURL request using PHP.

We have checked and confirmed that the SSL certificate is already installed in our system. Is there any other possible reason why we are encountering this error? We appreciate your guidance on how to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,