Data from an array (collection)

Hallo community,

i have an problem with an array. What i want to do: I need an URL in buffer as an thumbnail. The output of the module (trello get a card) shows a lot of bundles with different size of pictures. And what i need is bundle number 3 of the Preview

Now i want to map the bundle 3 as in Input but i only can see the first one. I it possible to switch in the input through the datas so that i can select the correct URL from the preview? Are there furter ways? I also tested a interator. Result is the same. I only see one and not all.

I hope you understand my problem

You can try something like this


Hello Sam, thank you for your proposal but i got also a mistake. I tried all figures, but always mistake mistake mistake.

At the moment i have now Idea to solve.


Hi @Holger_Peschke

You can try this

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Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

i got the URL etc. but the same mistake message again. I really don’t what i can do. I also changed the format, .jpg; .png etc. All what i do have no success.


inside link to image you are directly mapping instead you have to apply the following:

direct mapping that you provided will not work.

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