Data is marked as confidential

I’m following this tutorial to get Coinmarketcap to update crypto prices a Notion database:

But am running into an issue where it says:

“The data contained in the scenario is marked as confidential and therefore cannot be displayed.”

The scenario doesn’t work and am trying to figure this out despite not getting any errors. I should note that I’m very new to Make so am still figuring things out as I go.

Any thoughts?

Hi. Try read the API doc or contact the Coinmarketcap. This message is not an error it’s rule to display content.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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You might want to consider using some generic web scraping API request instead.

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Why would they read the API doc of Coinmarketcap? This is something completely unrelated to their API or whatsoever…

Hi @JAndo I think you accidently pressed a setting in your scenario.
This is easy fixable, and can be found in the scenario settings (Confidential Information)

Before just like you see

Change the setting to No

And then afterwards

Let me know if that helps you out!

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Yup this worked. I got a new issue, but I’ll probably post this in a separate thread since it’s unrelated. Thank you

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Happy to see that you folks figured out the solution :tada:

I am just stepping in to say thank you @JAndo for wanting to discuss your new issue in a new thread. This is exactly the way to go so that we can keep the community organized and therefore ensure a friendly ‘knowledge exchange’ experience :blush:

Keep up the awesome work and happy holidays!