Data Length Limit

My Question: Are there data length limits in Make, and if yes are there ways to increase them or effectively work around them?

The larger context follows.

I have a scenario that includes the following steps:

  • HTTP module to download a file, typically a PDF:

  • Set Variable: takes the data returned from the HTTP module, base64 encodes it and creates a variable named file:

CleanShot 2023-11-09 at 18.59.43

  • Set Variable: takes the base64 encoded variable and inserts it into an XML structure, along with a couple of other values:

  • Set Variable: takes the output of the previous module and inserts it into a SOAP envelope,
    base64 encoding it in the process:

  • The resultant SOAP envelope is then used in another HTTP module to make a POST call to a SOAP API endpoint.

The scenario works flawlessly as long as the base64 string is of a modest length. However, for larger documents I’ve found that it is truncated, which invalidates the XML structure created at step 3 above. When this happens, I see the following in the Request Content of my final HTTP module input bundle:

Note that the data is prefixed with IMTString(2547618):. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it seems to be some sort of indicator of the data length. If I examine the full payload I find that it is truncated, which means that neither the XML or SOAP envelope are properly formed, and of course the payload is rejected by the SOAP endpoint.

Any advice on what I can do to make this work for larger payloads?


Hi @Darren_Murphy,

You should contact the support, which may be aware of this type of limitation.


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Insert module set variable. Set variable base64(text) and shiw for us result. If ITMString exist. Then add to function replace(base64(text);/ITMString(.+?)/s;emptystring) and replace this. But if string not all this is not change sotuation. Make have condition data not graten 100 mb.