Data Store Bulk Delete Records

Has anyone come up with a clever way to delete multiple records in a data store without chewing through a tonne of operations? We want to delete all records prior to a date (approx 1000 records) but as far as I can tell the delete operation only handles one delete at a time meaning we will chew through 1000 operations every time we undertake this clean up.

Hi @IainM,

If you are on a Core plan or above, you can utilize Make’s API to do this.

It is not straightforward like it doesn’t support filters through which you can query to delete criteria-based records. But, you can utilize exceptKeys to tackle this problem.

What you want to do is,

  1. Search for Records that you don’t want to delete
  2. Aggregrate the Keys of these Records
  3. Use Make App and Use Delete Data from DataStore or if that is not available you can directly use Make an API call module

This way, the total operation consumed will come down to 3 instead of the 1000s that you are currently consuming.

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