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I am working on a scenario that involves data mapping between a Zohoform and smartsuit, and I am facing some issues date format. I have formatted my data, but can someone please explain how to do it? I am also sharing screenshots of the scenarios for more information.

In this case, you’ll need to use parseDate() to parse the string into a date variable type using the Date Format Tokens, before you can use formatDate().

This is because 01-Jan-2019 (DD-MMM-YYYY) is not a valid date format that Make recognises to detect/coerce as a date, so the variable continues to be typed as a string.


Hi @samliew Thanks for response

I am edit as per your instruction but it is not working.
can you share this field ruf map ?

Hi @samliew

The data function is now working, but the output data is changing automatically. Can you please explain who to fix this?
i am also attached screenshot for more info.

@Manish_GrowwStacks Hi Manish can you help me

Now if you want it displayed in another format, you have to use formatDate() when mapping variables in another module. You don’t need to parseDate a second time, because it’s already a date type.


I want to display my data in the same format, but as I mentioned in the screenshot above, I’m entering my membership date in Zoho Form as June 15, 2023, but it’s automatically changing in Smartsuit to June 20, 2023. How can this be fixed?

To investigate this further please export the blueprint to help others replicate the issue.

At the bottom of the scenario editor, you can click on the three dots to find the Export Blueprint menu item.


Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (123.4 KB)

Please also provide a screenshot of the output bundles of the module by running the scenario, then clicking here and copying the contents:


This will allow others to better assist you. Thanks!



Please find as Requied
blueprint.json (63.4 KB)

“Male Participant”: “25”,
“Meeting Minuts”: [
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“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Water Conservation Structure Construction”: “Test”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - For Water Literacy”: “”,
“Total Participant”: “50”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - Construction of Water Conservation Infrastructure”: “Test”,
“Gram Panchayat Name”: “Khakron”,
“Block Name”: “Mohangarh”,
“Meeting Decision - Social Action”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - Organic Farming Method”: “”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - Social Action”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - For Plantation”: “”,
“Female Participant”: “25”,
“Meeting Agenda”: [
“जल संरक्षण संरचना निर्माण”
“Agenda of the Meeting - Government Scheme”: “”,
“Follow-up of Previous Meeting - For Water Literacy”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - Kitchen Garden”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Other”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - For Plantation”: “”,
“Project Name”: “WDF Project Mohangarh”,
“Meeting Agenda - Other”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - LaborDan”: “”,
“Village Name”: “Khakron”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - Organic Farming Method”: “”,
“District Name”: “Tikamgarh”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Kitchen Garden”: “”,
“Followup of last Meeting”: [
“जल संरक्षण संरचना निर्माण”
“Agenda of the Meeting - LabourDan”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - For Drinking Water Problem”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - For Water Literacy”: “”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - For Plantation”: “”,
“Activity Date”: “05-Sep-2023”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - MGNREGA Work”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Social Action”: “”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - For Drinking Water Problem”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - Construction of Water Conservation Structure”: “Test”,
“Meeting Decision - Government Schemes”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - For Drinking Water Problem”: “”,
“Meeting Photo”: [
“Name of Activity”: “Pani Panchayat Meeting”,
“Meeting Decision - Other”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Government Schemes”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Organic Farming Method”: “”,
“Meeting Decision - MGNREGA For Work”: “”,
“Follow-up of Last Meeting - Sramdan”: “”,
“SC /ST Participant”: “”,
“Meeting Agenda - Kitchen Garden”: “”,
“Agenda of the Meeting - MGNREGA Work”: “”,
“Place”: “Test”,
“Meeting Decision”: [
“जल संरक्षण संरचना निर्माण”

Hi @samliew

Thanks for your support finnaly solving the fix this map - {{parseDate(4.Membership Date; “DD-MMM-YYYY”)}}


Hi @Satyam :wave:,
Congratulations on solving this puzzle with @samliew’s help! :jigsaw:

Thanks a lot for remembering to share your insights with us and marking them as a solution. This way our community stays tidy, neat, and easy to look for solutions. :broom:

Keep up the great work!

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