Delay in metadata from HTTP API call to use in mapping

I am creating scenarios with several HTTP requests (i.e. API calls) and often have to pass the output data from one to the next, so I use mapping.

The problem I am having is the metadata associated with the output of a HTTP request seems not to regularly update. For example, if the first API call I create has an error in the first instance, then that output is often all that’s available in the mapping even after then running a scenario successfully, where the history of the scenario shows it was retrieved. But then I edit the scenario and the mapping still shows only the old metadata, which doesn’t have all the mappings I need.

There must be something basic I am missing like a ‘refresh mappings from last scenario’ button or something? Else, how do I get the mappings to show the most recent metadata?


This is kinda of a known issue and one of the most frustrating one. What I generally do is right click the module and do run it once with valid data that will then finally render the details that I am looking for in Mapping.

Like I said, It is rather frustrating to do but that’s the only way I get it to work.


Thanks Runcorn, that’s frustrating to hear, but at least there is a workaround. Appreciate the reply.

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