Deleting a router

Is there a way to delete a router without having to create an entirely new scenario by copying and pasting each individual module?

This seems like a basic function, and frustrating if you need to delete a router from a scenario that has a high quantity of modules.

I found this in the community forum: Delete Router - Questions & Answers - Make Community. I am hoping there is a better solution.

Thank you

@Rachel_Seweryniak that is highly unusual. I just checked and that does not occur on my routers, but I think I have a potential temporary fix for you. A couple of options.

  1. If you hold shift then select the module with your mouse and delete that will usually delete the module for me.
  2. If that doesn’t work you could alternatively right-click on the branches on either side of the module and unlink it and just let that router sit off to the side somewhere till support can help you resolve that problem.

Let me know if that helps.