Did nested functions stopped working as of last release?

I have a couple of scenarios that have been running very smoothly for over a year. They are grabbing data from the Affinity CRM and storing in a Make.com data store to be later processed by other scenarios. Then all of a sudden the scenarios started to not process as expected and the timing on when this occurred is in line with the last release of Make on September 11th.

In one scenario I am using a map function to get values from API calls. Some of the values are nested in objects so I use get() to get them if they are otherwise just directly. Then I´m escaping " with " using replace()

“{{map(37.AllFields; “name”; “id”; 34.field_id)}}”:“{{ifempty(get(34.value; “text”); replace(34.value; “””“; “"””))}}"

The replace function just stopped running. I´ve debugged this a big and found that if I call a replace function outside of the scope of the map function it works fine but within this scope it just does not.

I had a similar problem with a switch() function that stopped executing in within the scope of this map() retrieval but executes perfectly fine outside of it. For that I was able to do a workaround by adding a separate step to do the switch after processing the map()

Has anybody had any similar problems? And has found ways to get their functions to execute as expected?



Screenshot 2023-09-16 160557

Looks like the function is not formatted well.

Share the scenario JSON, it will help to diagnose.