Digest Auth for my Clock PMS custom app

Hey guys!

Trying to make a custom app for Clock PMS integration. And got stuck on authentication step. Clock PMS API uses Digest access authentication with API User and API Secret key.
It seems that Make has a built-in digest authentication function, so all I need is to pass my API User and API Secret key in Communication tab, but I can’t get how to implement it right.

Here is info from Clock PMS API documentation:

Hi @andrtvrd

Please explain the issue that you are facing. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to me.

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Hi Mohamed!
I am trying to pass the digest authentication with my API User and API Secret key credentials, and when testing this custom app - I get a 401 error.

The problem is in my communication settings:

I’ve chosen the digest auth method when creating connection above, but I can’t get how the data should look in headers (or maybe even not in headers) to pass the authentication.
All I have from Clock API documentation is:

But there is no any info on how my credentials should be passed. Everything is okay when testing auth in browser or in Postman. But it is because they automatically process digest aurthentication in background.
So, my question is what data should be in ‘communication’ to pass the digest auth with Clock API? And does MAKE support Digest auth process in background (like Chrome, Postman, etc.), or I should manually pass every step of Digest auth method (like send a request, receive a nonce, add nonce to next request, etc…)

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Finally got a 200 responce with this digest Authentication. But had to work with requests manually. Here is the scheme:

Now have to replace the iterator with array lookup…

Hi @andrtvrd awesome that you got it working! :clap: And thanks so much for circling back to the community and letting us know what did the trick. Much appreciated :pray:

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