Discord sending a picture each day of the month

Hi there,

I am trying to use make.com for the first time with a Discord server.
All is connected and i am able to send a message in a channel.

Now i want to send a specific picture, each day of the month with a different one, at 3 PM
I am looking at some scheduling examples but i am a little bit confused.

Can anybody help me on this ?

Hi @Jacques-Olivier
You have a option to schedule to run the scenario

As you specified you can choose to run the scenario in days of month
Then, you can select the days and times you want to run it in the next option.

After setting all the keep the scenario ON

With this settings you will be able to run the scenario on the specified days at the specified time

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Great !
It is working for the scheduler.

But for the picture, is there a way to send a picture from an url in the Discord’s channel?

Download the Image using HTTP “Get a file” module.

Upload it to this field:



I tried several things using your advice, i am not sure what to include in the File name field…

You’ll need to place the HTTP module before, so that you’ll have the file data to map to the Discord module.


I understand how to do it now.
Thanks a lot !