Do you want to integrate with APIs that aren't available in Make's marketplace, or customize your response structures and apply complex logic in your scenarios?💡

Do you want to integrate with APIs that aren’t available in Make’s marketplace, or customize your response structures and apply complex logic in your scenarios?:bulb: Custom apps can help! Here are some of the features they offer:

:white_check_mark: API Integration: Custom apps can integrate almost any API with improved logic, and response structures can be modified as per your requirements.

:white_check_mark: Custom IML Functions: Custom IML functions using ES6 coding allow you to apply complex logic to your workflows.

:white_check_mark: Increased Efficiency: By customizing your apps as per your scenario requirements, you can save time and resources, and optimize your workflows. Create scheduled triggers to watch for new items or their updates.

:white_check_mark: Simple to Learn: Code follows a JSON structure, making it easy to understand and learn. Our portfolio includes numerous custom apps, including:

:rocket: YouTube App: Automate your YouTube channel management, including video uploads, comments, etc.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Google Sheets Bulk Update: Automate data updates in bulk and much more.

:e-mail: Gmail Advanced App: Streamline your email communication with advanced features of labels.

:briefcase: Dynamics 365: Integrate your Dynamics 365 CRM with other apps and automate data management.

:package: Shiprocket Integration: Automate your shipping process with Shiprocket integration.

:shopping: Etsy V2: Automate your Etsy store management with advanced features and automation.

:pushpin: Pinterest: Automate your Pinterest activity, including boards, pins, and analytics.

:briefcase: Business Central: Automate your financial processes, from creating sales invoices to retrieving customer balances.

Take a look at our product page at to learn more and see how our custom app development services can benefit your business today.

Hello Mohamed_Jahar,

I can’t find your automation for Pinterest, does it still exist? Thanks


There is no Pinterest app in Make. We have built it for customers as per their request which can be done quickly.

If you need any help, please contact us.

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