Docusign - Using Make to autofill custom data fields in docusend template, when sending for signature

I’d like to automate a DocuSign process. I have customer data in google sheets and I want to send out a docusign document for signature. I have created docusign templates with custom fields eg: Cutomer address, postcode, organisation name. Rather than sending out a completely blank form for the customer to fill in, I want to pre-fill the data from the spreadsheet, into the form. I have been able to build out a Zapier integration to do this, however I haven’t been able to replicate it. The Make - Docusign elements for sending the document for signature will only allow me to map the recipient email, name etc and not the custom fields.

Howdy @Mal_MacDowall Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

You may have to use this module to do this.

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Whenever is you are using make an API call, consider using the integromat dev tool. It will save you quite a bit of time :slight_smile:

Integromat Developer Tools PART 3: Scenario Debugger - YouTube


I have a similar query on Docusign and wonder if the below is possible.

I have multiple pieces of data stored within a board that i would like to use to populate a tenancy agreement. I have docusign templates stored within the docusign account and want to populate the fields from my Monday board’s item and then issue to the tenant. A second part of my issue is that we can have multiple tenants on one contract and the contract needs to be sent (CC) to all tenants (up to 9 different people).

If logging in to Docusign, we can send out the single contract to multiple recipients but I’m unsure if it possible using Make.

@Mal_MacDowall Have you had any success with your query yet?

Hi James,
I havent solved it yet, been on holiday TBH. Back to looking at it now. How did you go?

Hi @James_Lee,

It is doable using Make. You need to generate the PDF first with all you dynamic data and anchor text for your DocuSign Tabs. Then Make an API call to DocuSign to generate your enveloppe.

I have built similar automations for some of my clients, it is advanced stuff. If you need a professional to help you don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Hey @James_Lee have you found a solution for this?

I think I may have one for you that requires no money

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I found a solution - Changed to Panda Docs. Make already has an integration that does this. Sorted…

Hi there new to make do you have any tips on how to set up docusign API call? Any help would be much appreciated^^