Download Jsonl fine tuning

Hi everyone !
My Goal is to automate my fine-tuning process into my custom key. I have achieved to get this jsonl text format. (Which is what it looks like to be good according to OpenAI documentation).
I do have only few months of no code experience so maybe I’m wrong in my way to think it works.

So, here is the jsonl text :

{“messages”:[{“role”:“system”,“content”:“system examples.”}\n{“messages”:[{“role”:“user”,“content”:“user examples”}\n{“messages”:[{“role”:“assistant”,“content”:“assistant examples”}]}.

Its a raw text, so i want to download it or send it as a http api request into chatgpt.
But it seems to not working.

Because when I try to download it with a text to jsonl and drop it manually in OpenAI interface, I have this message :

"There was an error uploading the file: Expected file to have JSONL format, where every line is a valid JSON dictionary. Line 1 is not a dictionary (HINT: line starts with: “{“m…”).”

The set-up :

This is regular sentence text from sheet without any code which I transform in Json and then, converge still with sheet the result, clean and replace everything with regex or function. (I have finally achieved only with function, btw.).

My final step is to post these data towards Chatgpt. I hope I have been clear enough. :pray:.

If I overpass this step. I might automate the whole workflow of fine-tuning.

Have a lovely day !

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Try to set it up like this below where you’ll need to add a Text Aggregator module:

This should be the sample text value in the array aggregator:

    "messages": [
            "role": "{{1.test}}",
            "content": "{{1.test}}"

Then next is that set Variable module (or just directly in the HTTP module):

I hope this helps or gives you an idea on how to achieve the flow.