Download multiple files from a column on Monday

I’m creating automations to trigger emails based on my dashboards. And I have to attach some files

I know that Make itself has a function with to download files from a column, however, I need to send more than 1 file that are in the same column


To do this, I need an ID that the file generates so that Make can find the file and be able to download it to use it later.


The ID to find the files is “assetid”, note that it is possible to find 2 of them, referring to the 2 files present on Monday

However, when the integration is run with more files, it only finds the most recently added file on Monday


Unlike before, only one ID can be observed, referring to the most recent file

I would like to find a way to download all the files for a Monday item so I can attach them all to an email

Thank you in advance

Hi @nIcholas_HMRUBBER

The Files is an array
you can itrate files to go through all the files

Iterating through the files in the “files” array:

Output after iteration:
will get the details of each file as bundles

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After placing the interator, do I just link it to the “download a file” module?