Dropbox Tags not being mapped in airtable

In this scenario, I am trying to get the Tags into Airtable but the Tag is only being shown as “File” and not the tags in the image

Is there anyone with a solution to this?

Hi. If the content sent from Dropbox is not a string to be mapped as tag, you cannot do anything. I would like to see a tag in the result. You sent only the fields to map. Show us the data result from Dropbox.

Thanks, Helio!
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Hi @James_Mcgrath,

I am not sure if it is a Make issue or if the tags are not returned from the Dropbox when fetching the File Information in your case Watch Module. To tackle this what you can do is use Make an API Call module after the Watch Module which will get the tag for you.

In Make an API Call module use following,

  • URL : 2/files/tags/get
  • Method : POST
    Request Body,


It will return all the tags associated with the provided file/folder.

From the initial looks, the tag returned on the initial Watch module from your screenshot is Item Type i.e either file or folder which is confusing tbh.