Duration of a mp3

Hi there,
is there any good way to get the duration of a mp3 file within make.com?

I have the url to a mp3 file, and like to know the minutes of the file before i start the next (transcription) step.

Thank you,

Welcome to the Make community!

The duration of the an MP3 audio is simply the sum of the durations of the individual frames divided by the sample rate.

Do you think we can use any of the built-in functions (text/binary/math) to perform this calculation using the binary data?

But first you need to know how to read the binary structure of an MP3 file. It has a fixed format, like the first xxx bytes are the header, which contains information about the bitrate, frames, meta data, etc.


Thank you.
I hoped, that there could be any pre-scripted solution for that. But i already searched the community forum.