Dynamic Interface for Instant Trigger - dedicated webhook, not attached

Using a dedicated webhook in my instant trigger that triggers when a form is submitted. Trigger works fine, but I need to have a dynamic interface.

Cannot figure out how to get the webhook response into an RPC to dynamically generate the interface. I have a custom IML function in the RPC that right now is just running a debug() to see what’s being passed to the IML function from the RPC.

I can’t get the webhook response to pass into the RPC. I’ve tried webhook, payload, body. Webhook returns some webhook metadata only-- body and payload log as null.

How do you create a dynamic interface using an RPC for an instant trigger?

Nevermind, I figured it out - wasn’t wrapping “output” in a “response” object in the instant trigger communication:

    "response": {"output": "{{transformFormResponses(payload)}}"}

Hello again @Allene_Norton :wave:

I just wanted to jump in and say awesome work figuring this out on your own :clap: And thanks a lot for stepping back in here and sharing what you learned with us. This is greatly appreciated :pray:

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