Editing id3 tags (cover art, title, album etc.) of an mp3 file?

I would like to edit the ID3 tags (cover art, title, etc.) of an mp3 file I have downloaded from Google Drive (then reupload the edited file).

Is there a way to do this in a Make.com scenario?

Hi Sab73,

How many mp3 files do you want to update?

You are talking about one file, in this case, an automation will not really useful, you could use this software, it looks good.

If you have a lot of mp3, the best is certainly a Linux script; if you want to do it with make.com, I think that all the mp3 files should be sent to a server that will realize the operation, the data volume could be large…



Thank you. Sounds logical, but I would need this as part of a scenario that uploads a podcast episode to a podcast hosting service. The scenario pulls data (title, guest name, teaser texts, show notes, cover image etc. from a spreadsheet and it seemed logical to update the id3 tags of the attached audio file to be uploaded on the fly from this very same data… I thought I could manipulate these fields directly on Google Drive for the audio file with Make (the images and other files are in a Google drive folder), but man was I wrong…

Maybe you could implement some JavaScript (or Python) code (both languages offer solutions for updating mp3 tags), with Custom JS or OCodeKit.
Unfortunately, this is beyond my current knowledge.