Elevenlabs module times out when API doesn't....way to fix?

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I was originally using the HTTP module, but saw elevenlabs has their own module.

However, using similar content length, it times out when the HTTP module doesn’t.

Is there a fix so I can use the native module? I’d prefer to use a supported module versus a standard HTTP call.

Hi @Timothy_Fong, the HTTP modules have a maximum timeout of 300 seconds while modules timeout after 40 seconds if not specified differently.

You might reach out to support and tell them that the module runs out very regularly (I guess for AI it’s fair to assume that some actions take longer than 40seconds) and if they’d be open to increasing the timeout of the module.

That’s a good call…can HTTP modules change the timeout duration and that’s fixed…I don’t think their end-point is async from what I can tell.