Email error notifications

Hello. How do I receive email notifications with information that a scenario has failed?
I checked the options in the print below, but I still don’t receive notifications in my email.

Heya @Marcos thanks a lot for raising this question in the community :pray:

You seem to be doing everything right so just stating the obvious here:

  • In case you’re in more than one organization, you need to set up these preferences for each org separately.
  • I’m assuming that will be a yes but did you check your spam folder?
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Hello, @Michaela!
Yes, I Checked my spam folder and its empty.
Also, i set the domain to trusted confiable, but it didn’t work

Hi @Marcos, thanks for circling back the community!

We noticed that your ‘Warnings’ are currently turned off in the ‘Email Preferences’ tab.

To ensure that you receive important notifications, we recommend toggling them on. Give it a try and let us know if it does the trick for you.