Enforce 2FA for App-Usage?

Is it possible for an App to require/ enforce 2FA?

Generally, no, the 2FA is a second-level security feature and not mandatory.

However, I would like to know where are you facing this issue

We have a SaaS product that handles healthcare data. I would like to ensure that users that use our upcoming app had chosen storage location “EU” and that 2FA is enforced.

No, your app cannot force users to opt for 2FA. Its Make’s login infra (uninterrupted by any app).

would be nice to have “privacy sensitive” apps that can only be enabled if 2fa is on for all users and a given location is set up.

as a kind of verification option in the connection.


Please post it on the idea exchange platform.


@Papick_G_Taboada I understand you would like to get the 2FA enabled on the Make platform, but you got that part understood now.
However you could improve your connection secruity by using an oAuth2 authentication within your SaaS and enabling 2FA on that side. Every time a user builds a connection with your SaaS this would be secured at least :wink:

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Enforcing 2fa would secure access to scenarios.