Error- 403 Not able to connect to my woo commerece account with Make

Getting 403 error.

consumer key – ck_bc080a3362527232d9a694585ae3176d04ba08b7

secret key – cs_4c7e8f7ec403abab1e96d5ce5bfa0cac6a26b0fa

url of Eshop

Image -


blueprint.json (15.4 KB)

Can someone figure out the issue.

Hey @Shashwat_Chopra,

I had a similar issue on a client build not too long ago. Their issue was caused by a firewall on the hosting server who was blocking the connection.

So that might be worth looking into, if it’s either a firewall/Security plugin with WordPress who can be blocking it, or if it’s the host who’s blocking it.


Hi @Shashwat_Chopra and @NolaDigital ,

In this post, @Amadio_Gabriel gives an interesting explanation about error 403:
403 typically means the user is authorized but is not allowed to perform the request. The server recognizes the user but the user is trying something for which they don’t have permission. Usually, a scope is missing, or their account type is limited (they’re not an admin/their role in the external application is not allowed to do that). Might be related to connection setup or to external settings.

And here is a link to detailed explanations about this problem with Woocommerce.

Hope it helps,