Escaping Double Curly Braces in Text?

In a webhook response, I’m outputting HTML and using double curly braces as shown below:

<span class="status">{{ statusMessage }}</span>

How do I prevent ‘statusMessage’ from being recognized as a variable? I can’t seem to figure it out, even with escape characters.

I think it’s cause of Make frontend IML syntax that somewhat resembles mustache template syntax for variables and formulas.

There are a few ways to do this,

Something like this,


Screenshot from 2023-07-12 22-53-01

But, Like you, I am curious about whether there is a way to escape it without resorting to these approaches.

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Good one with the “+”. Works no problem now for me!
<span class="status">{{{+}}{ statusMessage }}</span>

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Another thing you might try here is placing a {{null}} between either set of curly braces, like this:


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